Our University in Brief

With distinguished infrastructure, amazing labs, and workshops the Arab Academics University for Science and Technology was founded. It includes most fields of engineering with modern equipment including most modern laboratories and educational workshops. We are confident that the Yemeni cadre is capable of making a prosperous future that mimics his ancient civilization, which was the first in all aspects of life.

The Arab Academics University for Science and Technology was established by Ministerial Resolution No. (18) for the year 2020 AD on 02/03/2020 AD. The university includes two main colleges:
First: The College of Engineering and Information Technology contains seventeen, four-year post-secondary system programs as follows:
-Mechanical Engineering - Production Engineering and Minerals - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering - Industrial Engineering - Control and Control Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Electronics Engineering - Data Communications and Communications Engineering - Mechatronics Engineering - Medical Equipment Engineering - Civil Engineering - Architecture Engineering - Decoration and Design Engineering - Engineering Computer and Software - Computer Network Science - Computer Science and Programming - Information Systems Science.
Second: The College of Technical Engineering contains the following programs with a 4-year post-secondary system as follows:
- Mechanical Engineering Technology - Production Technology and Metal Engineering - Cooling and Air Conditioning Technology Engineering - Industrial Technical Engineering - Control and Control Technology Engineering - Electrical Technology Engineering - Electronics Technology Engineering - Data Communications Technology - Mechatronics Technology Engineering - Medical Equipment Technical Engineering - Engineering Civil Technology - Architectural Technology Engineering - Engineering Technology for Decoration and Design - Computer Technology and Software Engineering - Computer Network Technology Sciences - Computer Technology Science and Programming - Technology Science Information Systems.

University News

Board of Trustees message

Dear students and students of the Arab Academics University, Welcome to the welcome of the Arab Academics University for Science and Technology, this university of technology and technology that carries all the flares of science, knowledge and modern and advanced laboratory equipment on the land of Yemen, the land of civilization and Iraq, hoping that you will find in your university everything you aspire to.

It is a pleasure for me to extend to you my sincere heartfelt congratulations to my dear students, on the occasion of the start of the new school year, wishing God Almighty to help you in your studies. All members of the teaching staff, assisting teaching staff, and university staff are serving their students to overcome all the difficulties that confront you, both the educational and administrative process in the university, in order to create an educated generation capable of taking responsibility and giving. I invite you to practice all activities, scientific participation, the technical and cultural process, and student elections in order to create in you university awareness, development, and community participation, and to make each of you students a valid brick so that the desired progress that we all aspire to in the bright future can be achieved.

I am absolutely certain that you will work hard to advance your university of technology and technology to raise its flag high in the skies of our dear Yemen to keep pace with the developments of the time and to compete with similar engineering and technical colleges at the level of our beloved Republic of Yemen. I also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the wise young political leadership represented by His Excellency Dr. / Hussein Ali Hazeb - Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for what he did in order to open this unique scientific edifice and what it provides of the needs of the university and overcoming all difficulties and creating the scientific climate It is suitable for students to study engineering, technology, scientific research, and serving the Yemeni environment and providing the needs of the local, Arab and international market. May God bless you for the good of our beloved Yemen.


The Arab Academics University for Science and Technology is a scientific edifice established in (2020) aiming to prepare technically qualified cadres in the fields of engineering science and technology applications to contribute effectively to scientific and economic development in building society and the nation.

University Gallery

The Arab Academics University for Science and Technology seeks to provide high-quality quality programs in the academic, technical, artistic and professional fields that contribute to knowledge production and community service and link this to the needs of the labor market and development requirements, through educational curricula subject to quality systems and academic accreditation.

Facilities University

Arab Academics University provides the necessary capabilities, the most important of which are laboratories and workshops that have been provided with the latest equipment and equipment and for the first time in Yemen to achieve the objectives of student success.


University work seeks to build confidence in preparing qualified and distinguished national cadres able to compete at the local and regional levels, and we are confident that the Yemeni man is able to create a bright future that simulates ancient civilizations in Yemen, which have taken precedence in all aspects of life.

Lectures Schedules

The student should follow the theoretical lectures and practical applications provided that the attendance rate should not be less than 75% of the lessons of each course separately.
At the request of the councils of the concerned departments and the accreditation of the Academy Council, the student is forbidden from taking the final exam in the courses that did not meet the prescribed rate of attendance. In this case, the student is considered a failure in the courses, which is forbidden to take the exam.
If the student submits an official documented excuse for not attending it that the Academy Council accepts, the student shall be considered absent with an acceptable excuse.


The university provides high-quality education through modern university plans and a highly experienced teaching staff that meets the requirements of the labor market and according to the foundations and training principles applied in the latest international universities, and the academy also has laboratories and workshops that were provided with the latest devices and equipment in all of the aforementioned majors.

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