University Departments

The Arab Academics University for Science and Technology seeks to provide high-quality quality programs in the academic, technical, artistic and professional fields that contribute to knowledge production and community service and link this to the needs of the labor market and development requirements, through educational curricula subject to quality systems and academic accreditation.

College Engineering , Information Technology College Engineering , Information Technology

contains seventeen four-year post-secondary system programs as follows:
(- Mechanical Engineering - Production Engineering and Minerals - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering - Industrial Engineering - Control and Control Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Electronics Engineering - Data Communications and Communications Engineering - Mechatronics Engineering - Medical Equipment Engineering - Civil Engineering - Architecture Engineering - Decoration and Design Engineering - Engineering Computer and Software - Computer Network Science - Computer Science and Programming - Information Systems Science).

College Technical Engineering Bachelor Technology College Technical Engineering Bachelor Technology

contains the following programs with a 4-year post-secondary system as follows:
(- Mechanical Engineering Technology - Production Technology and Metal Engineering - Cooling and Air Conditioning Technology Engineering - Industrial Technical Engineering - Control and Control Technology Engineering - Electrical Technology Engineering - Electronics Technology Engineering - Data Communications Technology - Mechatronics Technology Engineering - Medical Equipment Technical Engineering - Engineering Civil Technology - Architectural Technology Engineering - Engineering Technology for Decoration and Design - Computer Technology and Software Engineering - Computer Network Technology Sciences - Computer Technology Science and Programming - Technology Science Information Systems).