The Arab Academics University for Science and Technology is a scientific edifice established in (2020) aiming to prepare technically qualified cadres in the fields of engineering science and technology applications to contribute effectively to scientific and economic development in building society and the nation.

Academic Degrees Awarded by the University

- Bachelor's degree in academic studies (four years).
- Bachelor's degree in technical studies (four years).
- Technical diploma for study period (three years after high school).
- Institute of Arab Academics for Science and Technology Duration of study (diploma technical system two years after high school).

Conditions For Admission and Registration in the University

1. A high school diploma in the Republic of Yemen is accepted at the university by the Ministry or its equivalent, at the rate determined annually by higher education and scientific research.
2. Submit all required documents baptized, along with an application for admission to the university for admission and registration administration.
3. Admission is made according to the capacity identified by the university and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
4. The student undertakes to abide by the university's regulations, instructions and regulations in effect during the study.
5. Students enrolled in some of the university's programs undergo preference testing, which is a criterion for joining the university, and this is done through setting the level, personal interview, and competition in the admission and registration exam.

The documents required for high school graduates

1. The application form for admission (acceptance), while filling all the information contained therein, according to the conditions of the university.
2. The original high school form is baptized or its equivalent, with two true copies.
3. If the secondary is from outside Yemen, it will be baptized (original + plate 3) from the following authorities:
4. The Ministry of Education in the country from which the certificate was issued.
5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the certificate was issued.
6. The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the country where the certificate was issued.
7. The Yemeni Foreign Ministry in Sana'a.

The documents required for students transferred from other universities

Transferred students from Yemeni universities to the Arab University of Academics for Science and Technology :
A transcript of the materials studied by the student at that university must be brought from the Yemeni higher education, with copies of the transcript from the transcript, in addition to a photocopy from the university of the scientific content of the study materials in the transcript in addition to all the previous requirements.

Student Activities

Student activities are an important pillar for students, as they contribute to modifying their behavior, discovering their tendencies and desires, and allowing them to express their emotions, as well as introducing them to their cultural and national heritage.
On the sporting side, student activities represent a broad forum for building bodies and encouraging and supporting creators and emerging talents in this field. Student activities contribute to building a balanced and effective personality in society.

Student unions :
An independent student union that brings together students of the Arab University of Academics for Science and Technology in order to preserve their needs and represent them with different authorities.

Student services:
In the appropriate environment, the Arab Academics University for Science and Technology provides:
- Facilities for selling books, stationery and photographing lieutenants.
- Providing places to sell light and fast food.
- Internet services.

Attendance Rate

The student should follow the theoretical lectures and practical applications provided that the attendance rate should not be less than 75% of the lessons of each course separately.
At the request of the councils of the concerned departments and the accreditation of the Academy Council, the student is forbidden from taking the final exam in the courses that did not meet the prescribed rate of attendance. In this case, the student is considered a failure in the courses, which is forbidden to take the exam.
If the student submits an official documented excuse for not attending it that the Academy Council accepts, the student shall be considered absent with an acceptable excuse.