University Facilities

Arab Academics University provides the necessary capabilities, the most important of which are laboratories and workshops that have been provided with the latest equipment and equipment and for the first time in Yemen to achieve the objectives of student success.

University laboratories and laboratories

The university provides 25 laboratories and laboratories in various fields of engineering sciences for all specializations and departments of university colleges, and they are as follows :
- Electrical Engineering Laboratory
- Mechatronics Lab
- Medical Equipment Lab
- Civil Engineership
- Air conditioning and refrigeration plant
- Industrial Engineering Lab
- Mechanical Engineering Lab
- Production Engineering and Minerals Laboratory
- Control and Control Lab
- Electronics Lab
- Communications and Data Communications Lab
- Computer and programming laboratories
- Design and graphics labs
- Architectural ceremonies and laboratories
- Providing an integrated laboratory for the Cisco International Academy
- Providing a modern and advanced laboratory in the Internet of Things.

Great Library

Libraries of the Arab Academics University for Science and Technology seek its services for students and members of the teaching and administrative staff, in addition to providing a service for researchers and scholars from inside and outside the university as these services include the following:
- Providing a suitable office environment for reading, searching and viewing inside the library.
- Opening the internal loan system for university teachers, employees, and students.
- Opening the external circulation system for a specified period.
- Providing free internet services.
- Research and extension services.
- Copying CDs containing scientific materials for faculty, staff, students, and other interested parties.
- Photographing the various references for students.

University Halls

The University has been dedicated to providing classrooms equipped with modern means of electronic presentation, and the locations of these halls were carefully selected in order to provide a suitable learning environment to stimulate the thinking and creativity of students